Healthy eating

Our gardening club enables the children to learn about food as they grown their own fruit and vegetables. Children take part in a wide range of activities focussed around healthy eating throughout the year.


Snack and meal times are an important part of our day as they provide social times to discuss healthy eating. 


Children attending our sessions are offered a selection of nutritious snacks which meet their specific dietary requirements.  Children are encouraged to be independent in their food choices and to pour themselves water or milk and prepare their own snack (with adult supervision). 


Children attending the afternoon session bring a healthy packed lunch chilled with an ice pack.  We do not have facilities to re-heat food.


Water is freely available for children throughout the day.  We are a nut free Pre-School.

physical activity

Children have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of energetic physical activities every day.


Our carefully planned classrooms and outdoor spaces give children the opportunity to dance, climb, jump, throw, ride bikes and skip. 


With access to the fantastic facilities at our neighbouring community sports centre and the school playing fields, children have a wonderful environment to develop their physical skills.


We also work regularly with external professionals to provide specific activities such as football coaching to encourage listening skills and confidence building.

Healthy LIVING

As children become increasingly independent we teach them the importance of looking after themselves.


Using a wide range of great resources the children learn what happens at a dentist and how to look after their teeth.


They learn why they need to wash their hands after using the bathroom and before eating.


In the summer months we talk about how to stay safe in the sunshine and on colder days the children learn why it’s important to wrap up warm.


Children learn the about the effects of physical activity on their bodies as they jump and run.