WEEKLY Learning Activities

Last updated: 20th November 2020

We have been welcoming all our new and returning children back to Pre-School for the Autumn term
We have been welcoming all our new and returning children back to Pre-School for the Autumn term

Areas of learning for fortnight commencing 16th November 2020


This fortnight at Pre-School we are learning about the celebration of ‘Diwali’.


We are discussing the ways it is celebrated and shared a book about ‘Diwali’. The children will be making their own rangoli patterns using powder paint.


In phonics we are learning about rhyme. We are sharing a rhyming book ‘Baby bug’ and playing a rhyming pairs matching game. Owl children should be developing an understanding of rhyming pairs, so to hear and say ‘cat-mat’ ‘dog-frog’ and ‘bug-rug’.


We are also taking part in a library session, choosing our favourite book and talking about it with an adult. We are encouraging the children to turn the pages independently and talk about the story using the pictures. We are developing our concentration skills too.


The children are also taking part in a ‘Write Dance’ lesson. This programme of lessons is designed to improve children’s fine motor skills, using large movements to develop the muscles in their arms / hands ready for writing. This fortnight our session is called ‘Sandy Hill’.


We are also using the smartbaord and PC to play a mathematics game called ‘Underwater Counting’. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/underwater-counting The children need to touch count the objects correctly and find the correct numeral to match.


A huge thank you to those of you that completed the parent feedback box in your child’s learning journal. It is no problem if you missed it, please email your feedback to us at silsoepreschool@yahoo.co.uk (Some parents have enquired what to write, some ideas - general feedback about our setting and service, what your child enjoys, your child’s progress at Pre-School, your thoughts about your child’s next step).

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